52Frames Challenge 2018 - jimages

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Week 10 Sky

I was really worried about being able to see any stars this week, we had come from a week of flat grey sky's, and are back to more of the same, but for a short time in just one night, I got a glimpse of the stars, so I dashed out to find somewhere I could capture the lights of the sky in all their glory, already, there were clouds getting blown over the area, so I was limited to how much chance I had, so took advantage of the first point I could create an image with a degree of interest. I have always used a torch for light painting in the past when taking images at night, to give the foreground a bit of a lift, but for the first time, I tried using a flash, and am happy with the results. The shutter speed was 30 seconds, but not enough to expose the ground enough without extra light.