The 52Frames Challenge

So what is it all about you ask.

In 2017 I came across a website called 52Frames and found out it was all about a weekly challenge where each week the site would present a theme that you had to take a picture about.  Each week the image has to be submitted by midnight New York time and that image must have been taken in the week of the challenge.

There is also an extra credit rule for each weeks challenge, but that is not required.

Once all the images have been submitted for each challenge they were posted up on a Facebook page and people got to comment and critique the images.  The main aim is to help photographers improve their own abilities and to consistently submit each week for the 52 weeks.

After a couple of days a new album comes out with just 52 of the images selected by a team of pickers because they found something special about those images which made them stand out for them.

This is NOT a competition, the whole point is to help each of us improve, and help each other on the way.

The challenges although simple, can be difficult as well as they can sometimes put the photographers outside of their comfort zone, the one that starts the year is "Self portrait" which many struggle with, both with managing to actually take the picture, but also having themselves as the subject.  Other challenges my be more technical, like macro or night photography, and others like street photography just a theme some find difficult to do, but all of these help us become better at what we like doing.
I started this challenge on week 3 of 2017 and have submitted every week since then, it has helped me understand more about how light works and how my equipement works.
It has also given me a bit of me time every week where I can go out and enjoy some personal time doing what I enjoy.
There are other aspects of the challenge that I have gained from, I have made new friends and also learned not to worry so much about perfection.

I started doing photography as a hobby, and this keeps it enjoyable all the time.

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